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We Rise 

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We Rise brings you stories, interviews, and music to nourish our imaginations in service of collective liberation. Guided by Toni Cade Bambara’s call to make the revolution irresistible, each show explores the practice of solidarity in today’s freedom movements.

Please note, our first 15 episodes aired on KPFA’s sister station KPFB.

A We Rise Production

The Birth Bruja Podcast

The Birth Bruja Podcast brings you radical, transformative, empowering birthwork in all its nuances.  Reproductive justice, racial justice, reclaiming ancestral wisdom, decolonizing the birth space- here, my friends…we go deep.

Join us each month as we chat with activists, scholars, healers, community wellness workers, birthing folk and beyond to explore topics from their roots to their leaves.

Full transcripts of The Birth Bruja Podcast

Created and hosted by Eri Guajardo Johnson

Produced by We Rise Production

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Feral Visions 

Welcome to Feral Visions, a decolonial feminist radio hour brought to you by Liberation Spring!


Tune in for consciousness-raising, analysis, current affairs, and unlearning from some of the most provocative visionaries in our movements. 

Created and hosted by Anjali Nath Upadhyay

Produced by We Rise Production

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TheatreFIRST is an arts-as-activism organization. This podcast series is an extension of our commitment to the art and practice of collective liberation. With each episode, we delve into the themes, characters, and critical questions central in our live theater productions, and explore how they relate to our world and our communities.

Featured guests include theatremakers, artists, activists, actors, playwrights, community leaders, and more.

Because, the revolution does not end on stage.
More at

A We Rise Production in collaboration

with TheatreFIRST

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ABUELITO is a podcast that speaks about the secrets and hardships that are both hidden and revealed to first-generation immigrants and their children as a result of diaspora through the lens of first-generation Uruguayan-American, Tachi. This 3-part mini-series explores how much of cultural memory and trauma is inherited generation-to-generation and how the heritage is further complicated by having both the oppressed and oppressors in our lineage.

A We Rise Production in collaboration

with Noelle Viñas

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Given the extreme violence of our political climate, our mental health is of tremendous importance…

But – what does it mean to be mentally, emotionally healthy? Why, in fact, are we made to think our mental, emotional, and physical health are separate?  Whose idea was that? What are the cultural roots of “suicide”?  And how is suicide understood differently across cultures?

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We Rise Production in collaboration with

First Voice Media

Aired 7.16.2018 on Full Circle KPFA 94.1FM 

A feature from the event Living On Ohlone Land which took place in August of 2017 in occupied Huichin, known by settlers as Oakland, California. Indigenous women leaders discuss building reciprocity with local indigenous communities.


This feature was produced with permission from speakers and event organizers.

A We Rise Production

Elements of this vox pop aired 1.12.2018 on Full Circle KPFA 94.1FM: Native Americans Making a Difference 

The shellmound is a sacred Ohlone burial site in Huichin, which is currently occupied by the Bay Street Mall. Attendees spoke out on "Black Friday" about why they were there and why it is vital to protect indigenous sacred sites.

A We Rise Production


Cal Shakes partnered with Causa Justa :: Just Cause to host a community meal and civic dialogue called "Is Capitalism Killing Us?" inspired by our production of The Good Person of Szechwan.

Hosts: SK Kerastas and Tierra Allen. Guests: Aimee Suzara, Ronald Flannery, and Anjali Lynn Nath Upadhyay.

We Rise Production in collaboration with Cal Shakes and Causa Justa. Recorded and edited for Asides: the Cal Shakes podcast . Transcript  available.

Recorded 7.9.2019
Recorded 7.15.2019


Cal Shakes hosted a community meal and civic dialogue about the role of joy in our movement building, our resistance, and our art. The conversation was inspired by our production of House of Joy by Madhuri Shekar.

Guests: Madhuir Shekhar, Kimiya Shokri, CiCi Jevae, and Cal Shakes community partner RYSE Youth Center.

We Rise Production in collaboration with Cal Shakes. Recorded and edited for Asides: the Cal Shakes podcast. Transcript available.