Working with We Rise is like finally finding a group project where not only does everyone work hard together, but they are thoughtful, constructive, and empowering in their work. Nicky & Cat are able to create an environment and a camaraderie that makes social justice storytelling into an experience of empowerment for everyone involved. 


In my time collaborating with them as a playwright and now podcast-writer, We Rise has enabled me to take back the narrative of my family line, call out the truths in our stories of oppression and celebration that both unite and divide us, and found a path to healing by their facilitation, art-making and support. I would have faltered without their support, and pulled back from creating a beautiful project born out of a difficult beginning. They know how to take the time to develop ideas and story so that they take root and strengthen into powerful narrative. I hope everyone gets a chance to work with We Rise and the transformative artists in their orbit; their fight for peace and justice is contagious and filling.

- Noelle Viñas, playwright & podcast-writer of Abuelito


Working with We Rise has been so motivating. When it comes to creating a platform for the voices that are most vulnerable and that need to be uplifted, We Rise really knows how to do this and how to adequately capture our words and our stories. It's been such a pleasure working with them over the years and we are eager and excited to see what our future will look like together. We know that we can always count on We Rise to support our ideas and dreams.

- Maisa Morrar, Palestinian Youth Movement

We Rise Episode 10: #Right2Resist: The SFO Muslim Ban Protest...One Year Later


Wow, the podcast is so beautiful and tender. You did such a great job of capturing moments, perspectives, and really explaining what the piece is! I’m so amazed. Thank you two for making this piece!!!

-Be Steadwell, queer pop artist

We Rise Episode 22: A Letter To My Ex...the queer breakup musical


Being interviewed by Cat & Nicky was a truly warm and uplifting experience. The conversation flowed with ease and I felt like I was asked questions that lended themselves well to allowing me to open up, and talk candidly.

I appreciated the energy Cat & Nicky brought to the table and would love to sit down with them anytime and talk and harmonize! ✨✨✨

-Luca Page, Founder of Radically Fit

We Rise Episode 21: Radically Fit with Lindsey Page

Since the recording of this episode our guest changed their name to Luca.


I FINALLY listened to the whole show, uninterrupted (which is a feat these days!) and Cat I just wanted to say I am so blown away. The show came together so powerfully. You are really gifted, Cat. I felt so moved to get to hear all our voices together in this way and feel/realize in a new way the power of what the Buen Vivir Fund is. (When I’m so in the weeds every day I don’t often get perspective-shifting moments like this.) Thank you so much Cat for the invitation and opportunity, for all the care and hard work you put into producing, and for this super amazing tool we now have to help others understand the soul and substance of what we’re doing!

- Joanna Levitt Cea, Director of the Buen Vivir Fund

We Rise Episode 19: Buen Vivir, Right Living


I want to thank you for your beautiful handwritten note. It arrived in the mail with another set—several issues of women in power magazine, from 1986 to summer of 1992. (Why did I not have my own copies back in 1986 and 1992?? OMG). Your note is a manifestation of the titular phrase of those mags: women in power. The incredible work you are doing inspires and thus empowers me to strive to do my best work. Thank you for being my teacher. Your vision and work spark immense joy and stir up my deepest chthonic lady fires.

- Kris Malone Grossman, writer, mother, organizer

We Rise Episode 16: The Witching Hour Pt. 2