We Rise brings you stories, interviews, and music to nourish our imaginations in service of collective liberation. Guided by Toni Cade Bambara’s call to make the revolution irresistible, each show explores the practice of solidarity in today’s freedom movements.

A We Rise Production

Ep. 1  Intro: A Tribute to Our Ancestors
Ep. 2  In Dialogue with Alice Walker & Arundhati Roy
Ep. 3 
Left-Wing Military Historian Jason Ridler Ramirez
Ep. 4  Puerto Rico & Disaster Capitalism

Ep. 5  An Intro to Transformative Justice with Mia Mingus
Ep. 6  NYE with DJ Deep Space
Ep. 7  MLK Day Counter Narratives
Ep. 8  We Rise with The Pink Panthers Sorority
Ep. 9  We Rise & The Lodestar Common Ground Expedition
Ep. 10  #RightToResist The SFO Muslim Ban Protest One Year Later
Ep. 11 
Women's History Month Edition: Birthwork as Healing & Justice
Ep. 13  Radical Educators Cast Spells
Ep. 14  The Witching Hour - Part 1
Ep. 15  Lupine #2Legit2Quit Changemakers
Ep. 16  The Witching Hour - Part 2

Ep. 17  The Legend of Rhodessa Jones w/Fe Bongolan, Uzoamaka (Uzo) Nwankpa, C. Chibueze Crouch
Ep. 18  Midterms, Housing, Ranked Choice Voting, oh my! with Sharon Peterson & Mari Nakagawa

Ep. 19  Buen Vivir, Right Living
Ep. 20  Women Saving Our Own Lives - Solstice Edition
Ep. 21 Radically Fit with Lindsey Page
Ep. 22  A Letter to My Ex, The Queer Breakup Musical
Ep. 23  Stories From Our Grandmothers
Ep. 24  Invisible Epidemic: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women in California & Beyond

Ep. 25  Mycelium Youth Network
Ep. 27  CalShakes Civic Dialogue: Is Capitalism Killing Us?

Ep. 28  CalShakes Civic Dialogue: The Role of Joy in our Movements
Ep. 30  Edwin Carcache de Alianza Civica por la Justicia y la Democracia
Ep. 35 
The People Are A River

Radio & Production

Radio Feature: This Land is Called Huchiun


Did We Go Too Far?

Amidst extraordinarily uncertain times, many of us wonder: what futures are we moving toward? What realities are we creating? Movement Generation’s new podcast Did We Go Too Far? takes on presidents, parenting in a pandemic, and offers perspectives on queer ecology, black land & liberation, and being okay with the unknown. Hosts Tré & Layel speak with a spectrum of guests – including Leah Penniman, Gopal Dayaneni, Charlene Carruthers – with humor and lightness as well as the realness and depth we need to survive and thrive through this deeply transformational time, a.k.a. The Apocalypse.

A Movement Generation & We Rise Production

Music by Los Nadies mixed by DiaspoRADiCAL


The Birth Bruja Podcast brings you radical, transformative, empowering birthwork in all its nuances.  Reproductive justice, racial justice, reclaiming ancestral wisdom, decolonizing the birth space- here, my friends…we go deep.

Join us each month as we chat with activists, scholars, healers, community wellness workers, birthing folk and beyond to explore topics from their roots to their leaves.

Created and hosted by Eri Guajardo Johnson

Produced by We Rise Production


Abuelito is a podcast that speaks about the secrets and hardships that are both hidden and revealed to first-generation immigrants and their children as a result of diaspora through the lens of first-generation Uruguayan-American, Tachi. This 3-part mini-series explores how much of cultural memory and trauma is inherited generation-to-generation and how the heritage is further complicated by having both the oppressed and oppressors in our lineage.

A We Rise Production in collaboration

with Noelle Viñas

Ep. 1  Abuelito


The following are not full transcripts. These documents are scripts we wrote out, some with our collaborators, in preparation for podcast recording. We share these to increase accessibility. If you are moved by our words, or inspired by script layouts, feel free to share. Please do so with accountability and cite the source – for the sake of strengthening access to our web of community resources. Thank you!


TheatreFIRST is an arts-as-activism organization. This podcast series is an extension of our commitment to the art and practice of collective liberation. With each episode, we delve into the themes, characters, and critical questions central in our live theater productions, and explore how they relate to our world and our communities.

Featured guests include theatremakers, artists, activists, actors, playwrights, community leaders, and more.

Because, the revolution does not end on stage.
More at

A We Rise Production in collaboration

with TheatreFIRST