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#DancersAgainstDAPL at Shapeshifters Cinema
We Rise performed #DancersAgainstDAPL at Shapeshifters Cinema's group screening Fired! organized as part of 100 Days Action, a counter-narrative to Trump's first 100 days in office.
Filmed and edited by Jason Maze.



#DancersAgainstDAPL was created to spark conversation and action within our communities. By connecting the impacts of settler colonialism from Standing Rock to Huichin (known to many as the Berkeley), this short film aims to inspire people to step up in solidarity with the water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline or with the Ohlone protecting the West Berkeley Shellmound against development.

A We Rise Production in collaboration with dancers, mothers, child-care givers, and generous donations given through time and energy from our community.

A Mirror, A Threshold, A Song: Medicines of Healing in Theater and Restorative Justice

A Mirror, A Threshold, A Song: Medicines of Healing in Theater and Restorative Justice is a part of the California Arts Council's Arts in Corrections initiative, a partnership with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


This documentation was commissioned by CalShakes and produced by We Rise Production.

Everybody Stop Line 3 - Cover of Lizzo's "Tempo"

Performed & written by Tierra Allen of We Rise Production, conceived on the Line 3 frontlines.

Listen to We Rise podcast episodes – also on Apple Podcasts & Spotify – The People Are a River, Ep 35; Water Protector Interview: Ember Phoenix & Ben Joselyn on Building Community, Healing & Resistance, Ep. 36; & Water Protector Interview: Jaike Spotted Wolf on Climate, Indigenous Leadership & Solidarity, Ep. 37.

Support for this video comes from The Center for Cultural Power & was produced by We Rise Production.


On Air Episode 2 Featuring Cat Petru of We Rise


On Air is a series documenting the people, experiences, and voices of KPFA Radio's First Voice Apprenticeship program. The apprentices produces the weekly show Full Circle, which aires every Friday at 7PM on 94.1FM. On Air Episode 2 features an interview with Cat Petru, co-founder and audio producer of We Rise Production.

An Audio Desperado Production.