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Somos Semillas, We Are Seeds:

Consciousness Rooting & Storytelling Circles
Coming Autumn 2024
October 1st - November 26th

8 live sessions on Zoom • Tuesdays 4PM-6PM PST / 7PM - 9PM EST

Dialogue facilitation by Erika Murcia, Catherine Petru & nicole gervacio

Co-facilitators & guest educators include: Karina Falcon, Ember Phoenix, Uzo Nwankpa, and Sol Almonacid

Sliding Scale for this series $222  •  $333  •  $444 or email us at for other needs.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying! Applications due September 17th.

– Bringing DIGNITY to our walk on Earth by humanizing our ancient stories
– Steward creative spaces for collective storytelling beyond our trauma st
ories projected through spiritual colonial scarcity.
– Invite attendees to an introductory initiation for slow self-study.
– In other words, learn how to understand and purposefully navigate with the four aspects of the self – Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Emotional – in relationship with the five elements within: Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and Ether.
– Deepen
practice, introspection, self reflection, and internal wellbeing to support communal care and transformation in our sacred ecological kinship.

This community learning project is an invitation to a rooted
– Sacred discipline with our heart’s intent.
– Creative discipline with our emotions and nervous systems.
– Poetic discipline with our walk on Earth Mother and interdependently with our ecological relationships.

Poetic Storytelling Purposes
– Cleansing our individual and collective perception.
– Practicing breaking the habit of scarcity, survival, and external approval.
– Embodying clarity in our heart’s intent.
– Remembering to inhabit joy.

Karina Falcon is Mexican Transgenerational Consultant, Writer, Poet and Editor centered in the Sacred Feminine Wisdom. She has been practicing the way of the Medicine Wheel from ancestral medicine such as traditional mexican healing, astrology, Native American and Maya-Tolteca spirituality for about 18 years. In 2013 she founded Mujer Lunar [MoonWoman] a portal for Spanish speaker women who wanted to explore their sacredness through Ancestral Feminine Wisdom and Visionary tools  that help them be grounded while weaving their heart’s intent in form of projects and entrepreneurial deeds. In 2016, Karina co-founded Carpa Lunar [Moon Lodge] a school in which indigenous teachings, familly constellations work and mindfulness is held in every course and training.

Uzo Nwankpa is a fourth generation descendant of healers from Enugu in Southeast Nigeria. As first generation immigrant to Turtle Island, and global visitor, Uzo is committed to being a bridge between the world of Africans in the continent and the diaspora decolonizing patterns. As an advocate for communities that use the arts to heal, Uzo is dedicated to exploring diverse ways to combine ancient practices with innovation. Uzo is the creator of the Uzo Method Project- A Public Health Solution, which is used as a means to fulfill their mission to ignite a billion souls rising in harmony of the heart mind and soul.

Ember Phoenix is a Black/Indigenous 2 Spirit Queer Human. Pronouns are She/Her/they/them.  


You will tend to find me in my community building deep intentional relationships, digging in dirt or harvesting on our community farm, loving on my child, sitting on my porch having all the conversations, getting lost in the woods with the fairies, frolicking in the sacred waters and rivers, or in deep reverence in the mountains talking to my ancestors. 


I am a creative star soul with a passion for healing, transformative and restorative social justice,  herbalism, land Stewardship and visioning the new world we are creating as the systems we currently are surviving in are being destroyed. 


I believe in the power of community and its ability to sustain and hold space for the healing and growth necessary to foster networks that allow us all to thrive together as we build foundations of community accountability and care that actually center collective interdependence and acknowledge the kinship systems of our ancestors and the value they offer us.  


I am a passionate star being who sees the galaxies of magical possibility that lives within us all. I am deeply woven into the web of spirit and honor our ancestors with every breath I take (or forget to take at times).  The experiences I have walked and lessons I have learned this cycle of being a student of earthschool have created a human who fights fiercely for equity and justice and a person who never moves away from difficult conversations and constantly is reminding folks to drink water and find joy...


I am one who is determined to create a world that is safer, kinder and freer for not just the generations to come but those of us who reside earthside now. I am rooted in my commitment to heal and thrive, and I understand that in order to get free we must do so together.

Heart of Autumn
somos semillas.jpg

Somos Semillas, We Are Seeds:

Consciousness Rooting & Storytelling Circles
Autumn 2023  •  October 31st - December 19th

Tuesdays 4PM-6PM PST / 7PM - 9PM EST

Dialogue facilitation by Erika Murcia, Catherine Petru & nicole gervacio

Co-facilitators & guest educators include: Karina Falcon, Ember Phoenix, Uzo Nwankpa, and Sol Almonacid

Irving Street
West Coast Tour 2019
Graphic that says "We Rise West Coast Tour, Portland, Seattle [dates in September 2019] The world is on fire. What do we do? What needs to burn? What will we grow? We Rise is a collective of cultural producers using our creativity to build the world we're dreaming of. Rooted in community and collaboraion, we're stoked to start this series of gatherings. Come thru for food, drinks, connection, and potent conversation! [Instagram/Facebook @weriseproduction / Twitter @WeRiseProducers / / This is a free event. Direct message us for details." the background is a distant glowing skyline, trees sillouetted by areas of burning land.

2019  Conciousness Rooting series in collaboration with our communities

Dialogue facilitation by Catherine Petru, Mayra Rios, & Grace Diehl


2019  Conciousness Rooting event at Irving Street Projects in San Francisco, CA

Catherine Petru & Nicole Gervacio in collaboration with Kris Grossman


What keeps us out of shock is knowing our history.
Naomi Klein

2020 virtual Conciousness Rooting series

Dialogue facilitation by Catherine Petru & Nicole Gervacio

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