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Heart of Autumn

What keeps us out of shock is knowing our history.
Naomi Klein

2020 virtual Conciousness Rooting series

Dialogue facilitation by Catherine Petru & Nicole Gervacio

Graphic that says "We Rise West Coast Tour, Portland, Seattle [dates in September 2019] The world is on fire. What do we do? What needs to burn? What will we grow? We Rise is a collective of cultural producers using our creativity to build the world we're dreaming of. Rooted in community and collaboraion, we're stoked to start this series of gatherings. Come thru for food, drinks, connection, and potent conversation! [Instagram/Facebook @weriseproduction / Twitter @WeRiseProducers / / This is a free event. Direct message us for details." the background is a distant glowing skyline, trees sillouetted by areas of burning land.

2019  Conciousness Rooting series in collaboration with our communities

Dialogue facilitation by Catherine Petru, Mayra Rios, & Grace Diehl

Irving Street
West Coast Tour 2019

2019  Conciousness Rooting event at Irving Street Projects in San Francisco, CA

Catherine Petru & Nicole Gervacio in collaboration with Kris Grossman

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