We Rise collaborator Mayra Rios is based in Bakersfield, CA,

and works with ACLU SoCal advocating for migrants held in ICE detention centers. Together, we are partnering on a video series focused on ICE as an institution and the communities affected by ICE’s practices (raids, ruses, criminalization of people of color). These short videos will: offer popular education, highlight advocacy efforts for specific individuals, lift up advocacy campaigns, local efforts, national efforts, and more.


ABUELITO by Noelle Viñas

A podcast that speaks about the secrets and hardships that are both hidden and revealed to first-generation immigrants and their children as a result of diaspora through the lens of first-generation Uruguayan-American, Tachi. This 3-part mini-series explores how much of cultural memory and trauma is inherited generation-to-generation and how the heritage is further complicated by having both the oppressed and oppressors in our lineage.

This project is supported by the Oakland City Council and funded by the City of Oakland's Cultural Funding Program


Rising For Our Motherlands

podcast series


In this ongoing, collaborative series of the We Rise podcast, activists and community organizers share stories about how they are fighting for their motherlands and showing up in solidarity with others in shared struggle and brilliance. The need to raise awareness about the connections between our freedom struggles and the military industrial complex is potent. We will focus on current issues in each motherland, and lift up the strategies that are working in our decolonial movements for liberation. Listeners will receive calls to action and hear sounds of freedom and resistance.

This project is supported by the East Bay Community Foundation as a recipient of the 2020 East Bay Artist Fund Grant


Telling Our Stories: Re-Envisioning the Future

educational program

A program for frontline youth in middle school and high school from the Navajo Reservation, Colorado, Kentucky and the Bay Area to share their stories of resilience, resistance, regeneration and sovereignty through writing, video, podcasts, and social media.

Collaboration with Mycelium Youth Network & Bioneers


The Real Work

podcast mini-series

In a collective, institutional response to sexual harassment and other harms happening in Bay Area theater spaces, Cal Shakes invited Mia Mingus of the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective to lead a year-long workshop for a cohort of diverse theater makers committed to studying transformative justice practices. We Rise Production recorded 4 of the 8 workshop sessions as well as one-on-one interviews, and from this footage is co-creating a podcast to tell the story of the cohort’s journey, its learnings, mistakes, joys, and transformation.