The Real Work is a podcast miniseries exploring transformative justice as a tool for preventing, addressing, and healing sexual and identity-based harm in Bay Area theater and beyond.

Over the course of one year, nearly thirty local theater makers gathered monthly to learn together about transformative justice under the facilitation of Mia Mingus, co-founder of the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective. This podcast series documents our learnings with an aim to share out and grow our collective capacity to practice transformative justice, especially in our arts and activist spaces, and will drop in 2022, beginning with a community listening & dialogue premiere.



Transcript for An Intro to Transformative Justice with Mia Mingus We Rise podcast episode 5


Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective Resource Page — readings & media for further learning on transformative justice, accountability, & abolition

Interrupting Criminalization Help Desk — free consultation & thought partnering around intervention and ending violence without using the police