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We Rise Production is an emerging media collective rooted in the purpose of inspiring, educating, and initiating the cultural change that is liberatory for all of us. While audio and visual production, workshops, and events are visible outcomes of our work, our process is what makes We Rise distinct. People, organizations, and collaborators come to We Rise producers with an idea. We listen and vision, drawing from our knowledge, elders, community, and collective wisdom to strategize the most impactful way to share this idea.




After 6 years of groundwork, visioning, and collaborative production, we are launching our 1st fundraiser!

After 6 years of groundwork, visioning, and collaborative production, we are launching our 1st fundraiser!

“We Rise is a mold breaking, collectivizing of people using a media production platform to challenge an industry and its dominated field

of white men. To support We Rise means to support the radicalization of an industry that is commonly used in today's modern world.

I collaborate with We Rise because I don’t just want to cater to my audience in sparking inquiries and digesting our current world, but to show them how to stretch beyond our current organized production companies, supporting women-centered and people of color-led work

is important and necessary!”


- Layel Camargo (they/them)

Cultural Strategist & Filmmaker, Co-Founder of Shelterwood Collective, Creator of Climate Woke





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While We Rise is resourced in a variety of ways, in order to be sustainable, we are cultivating our roots of Patreon subscribers & PayPal donors, as illustrated in the We Rise Resource Flow painting above.


We chose this process of community-driven fundraising because it reflects our values as an organization. Much like public radio, this process of giving and receiving enables us to create the most liberatory media possible.



Listen to Cat & Nic reflect on past collaborations, and get sneak peak sound bites of what’s to come!


*contact for check information

The most sustaining way you can give is to become a patron via Patreon.

Select a monthly amount, and you will be auto-charged for a year.
If a one-time donation is right for you, you are welcome to donate via PayPal or by check.

For those of you who continue to offer in-kind time, energy, inspiration, and encouragement to our team: thank you! While we know not everyone is able to make sizable donations, we want to honor those of you who are sustaining We Rise at the following Tiers.

Watershed Giving Tiers

  $5,000  |  $2,500  |  $1,000  |  $500  |  $250  |  $100

We are grateful for our Watershed supporters...

•  Catherine O.  •  Ellen D.  •  Jaden M.   •  Sally P.  •  Lisa K.  •  Cynthia C.   •

•  Sam & Fern S.  •  Alex K.  •  Ann P.  •  Gloria G.  •  Anonymous  •  Catherine W.  • 

•  George D.  •  Oliver D.  •   Nick P.  •  Fred & Lisa W.  •   Ronald D.  •  Christine & Doug C. • 

•  Ivan S.  •  Katie K. & Marty F.  •  Kim & Barbara M.  •  Vic & Sue M.  •  Jacob H.  •  Emily F.  •

•  Erica P.  • Lane F.  •   Tom S.  •  Molly F.  •  Nicki S.  •  Uzo N.  •  Josh E.  •  Ali S.  •  Delia & John T.  •

•  Laura D.  •  Vanessa M.  •  Mariam & John M.  •  Stacey & Pete J.  •  Marianne J.  •  Romi & Joel G. •



our new patreon sustainers

•  Karina S.  •  Tom S.  •  Emma C.  •  Ruth L.  •  Liza O.  •  Annalyn C.  •  Inbal S.  • 

•  Megan K.  •  Antoinette R.  •  Oliver D.  •  Nick P.  •   Megan C.  •  Amelia D.  • Althea S.  •

•  Jack C.  •  Kris M.G.  •  Parnee  •

our donors

•  Pamela L.  •  Karina E.  •  Megan M.  •   Sonja, Conner & Ronan  • 

•  Goddess Astrology Collective  •  A.J. A.  •  Lina & Emma  •  Catherine C.M.  •  Lee E.  •

•  Rose M.  •  Sexpot Ceramics  •  Llewellyn J.  •  Jett H. S.  •  Kim M.  •  Jamie H.  •  Vivien C.  •  T.H.  •

•  Elena F.  •  Dana P.  •  Ben H.  •  Alexina S.  •  Michelle G.  •

We Rise is a tenacious, radical and deeply collaborative project that lives into its stated principles in real time and fights for the transformation we require to live them ourselves. If you've worked with them, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you've engaged with their content, be assured that the tenets you admire run all the way through to the core of the initiative.

The We Rise team has achieved a lot in their short time and they fill a necessary role in our communities: they consistently show up to the front lines of protests, the joyful moments of community celebration, and in the space where a story needs another messenger, a multimedia project needs better scaffolding, a vision needs crafting and delivery, a creative initiative needs a steady partner, and a worthy campaign needs an advocate.


Throw your coin towards a courageous, grassroots, femme-powered, platform that is serious about education, empowerment, truth-telling and action. We Rise does all of that with humility, fire, and sharp intention. In the spirit of reciprocity, it is our turn to give back."


-  Nadya (she/her)
Palestinian Youth Movement


a podcast pilot season highlighting voices of diaspora, the practice transnational solidarity, & movement toward Palestinian & Pilipinx liberation

- Creative direction
- Audio production for pilot season
- Podcast art
- Guest stipends
- ASL videos & Transcription

Lead Artist: nicole gervacio

Production team: Cat Petru collaboration with Nadya Tannous and Henna

Guests include members of Palestinian Youth Movement & Gabriela Oakland as well as artists, cultural producers, activists and organizers of the diaspora.


Partial support for this project comes from the East Bay Community Foundation. nicole gervacio is a recipient of the 2020 East Bay Artist Fund Grant of $8,000.


Real Work
Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 12.06.40 AM.png

a podcast miniseries about theater culture & transformative justice

- Completing audio production for 3 episodes
- Communications
- ASL videos & Transcription

Lead Artist: Tierra Allen

Production Team: Cat Petru, nicole gervacio, Kendall Crakow, DiaspoRADiCAL

Partial support for this project comes from an Investing in Artists Grant of $6,000 from the Center for Cultural Innovation & the City of Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program. The Real Work was incubated with initial support from CalShakes.

Go to The Real Work page to learn more...

Tin Can Phone


production of Great American Stories: Conversations From Inside, an art book featuring the voices & artwork of folks living through the carceral system

-  Social media strategy & support

-  Production of a book including interviews & artwork by incarcerated folks

Production Team: nicole gervacio & Cat Petru

Collaboration with Michael Stevenson Jr. & Buddy Terry of Tin Can Phone Podcast

Somos Semillas

a podcast series about indigenous sovereignty & collective care ft. indigenous women & two spirit healers & educators.

- Audio production for pilot season, 5 episodes
- Podcast art
- Guest stipends
- Transcription

Production Team: Cat Petru & nicole gervacio

Collaboration with Erika Murcia of Sanadora Práctica Creativa Ancestral Teaching
Guests: Uzo Nwakpa, Ember Phoenix, Karina Falcon

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 3.48.57 PM.png

- Directors & team meetings
- Communications, social media & admin
- Graphic design
- Movement Media* production

- Transcription

*a term used for media makers who devote their labor to showing up

on frontlines & reporting back to community


We Rise Production is currenlty based on Ohlone land called Huchiun – what is commonly known as Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area – and the traditional ancestral sites of Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Tualatin Kalapuya, Molalla and many other Tribes who made their homes along the river – in what is known as Portland Oregon.

10% of all donations will be given to the Sogorea Te Land Trust in Huchiun
 and The Chúush Fund, supporting the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs east of Portland, Oregon. As We Rise moves and adapts to life in pandemic times, we remain rooted in rematriation, returning land and resources to Indigenous stewardship.

The Filipino Bayanihan Center is fiscally sponsoring the Warm Springs Water Coalition. You can give directly here. We encourage our Bay Area community to learn more and give Shuumi directly at Sogorea Te Land Trust.
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